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Chenita is absolutely amazing.

She takes great pics and does phenomenal hair. If you want the best please book her.

~Krystal S. 

Chenita Dickerson is a very hard worker she is passionate about what she does. I really enjoy it. I always say God bless his people with a gift as she has been truly blessed with the gift of developing bodies and she will push you until she sees a difference The words that she does not wanna hear you say "you can’t" or "I’m tired" she has a big heart for what she does; she trained me and inspired me at the same time to get my personal training license you can say that she is my mentor.

~ Coach MP

Client Testimonial Reviews


Hair* Fitness* Photography

(prior and present)

I needed to get into shape and lose weight. I chose a personal trainer because I have had very positive results with personal training in the past.

I specifically chose Chenita not only because

of her training certifications but because she is an African-American. Having a trainer that was a woman of color was important to me.

I have been training with Chenita for almost two years. When I first began it was an uphill climb for me and things went very slowly. I had many mental blocks and was the self sabotage queen. She was very patient and still kept pushing me even after a full year.

She worked with my hectic schedule and even continued to train me when the pandemic started.

I can always contact her with questions ( I am always coming up with some crazy ides I cook up after binge watching fitness and diet videos on yountube) She is very knowledgeable and is the voice of reason when I go off track.

Since training with her I have noticed my strength and stamina have increased. I didnt set a weight goal when I initially started, I just wanted to get healthy and I feel much healthier and stronger since I started training with her. My husband makes regular comments about my physique improvements. I am still on my journey and have major goals I am focusing on in 2021. I know she will be there to guide me on my journey from meals plans, to infinite workout variations, to encouragement with water reminders and great advice on tweaks that really make a difference. She has taught me that consistency is key and I have to keep going. I highly recommend her services.

~Stephanie Cameron FNP-BC

She is very flexible and checks for customer satisfaction.

~Marion E.

Chenita is so easy to talk to. She knows her craft and does exactly what you ask of her regarding your hair. When I left the salon today I was so very happy my hair was beautiful. Thank you so much for everything!

~ G. Gilliam

She makes me feel comfortable enough to tell or shall I say confess all of my flaws...She's patient and I am very excited and fortunate to have her as a trainer.

~ Starla L.

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